History (2004 until today)

In order to better fulfil the growing economic demands, “ Friedehorst – Vereinigte Anstalten der Inneren Mission e.V.” changed its legal structure in 2004. Since then, Friedehorst Foundation has served as an umbrella organisation for the “Friedehorst gGmbH” (a non-profit private limited company) and its subsidiaries. The diaconal work of Friedehorst will be effectively ensured by this change.

As "Stiftung Friedehorst" the work was continued. For the neurological center there was built a special house in 2005 for parents of the center`s young patients, allowing them to stay close to their children for the period of treatment. The house was financed by donations by private persons and charity foundations.
Mr Karl-Heinz Dekreon retired after 13 years as finance manager in September 2005. In the next month Mr Lothar Lotzkat (MA in business studies) assumed his office.

The restructuring of Friedehorst was continued in spring 2007 when three Friedehorst departments were converted into new subsidiaries: "Dienste für Senioren und Pflege Friedehorst gGmbH" (elderly care), "Dienste für Menschen mit Behinderung Friedehorst gGmbH" (care for people with disabilities) and "Neurologisches Rehabilitationszentrum für Kinder und Jugendliche Friedehorst gGmbH" (Neurological Center for Children and Adolescents). In August 2007 the "Nebelthau-Gymnasium", a private school for children from grade 5-12, was opened. The school with its protestant-diaconal and bilingual (German-English) profile places a new emphasis on education by Friedehorst Foundation.

In October 2008 the foundation for a new clinic of the "Dienste für Senioren und Pflege" was laid. The clinic will be opened in 2010 and will accommodate wards for elderly care, special care and "ViaVita", the ward for patients suffering from coma vigil.

In the early months of 2009 another foundation was laid for a new house of the "Dienste für Menschen mit Behinderung". Grown-up people with disabilities from the children`s houses and a part of the workshops will move there. The "Dienste für Senioren und Pflege" were complemented by a day care.
A decisive personal change took place in July 2009. Managing director Dr. Georg-Hinrich Hammer retired after 13 years in Friedehorst. His successor, Pastor Hans-Peter Reeb, left the compnay in March 2012.

Since April 2013 Pastor Michael Schmidt represents the managing board together with Mr. Bert Juhnke.

The story of Friedehorst is the story of conversion, which has now already lasted for nearly 60 years. A military area was converted into a place of peaceful living. Right from the beginning, the reversal of military legacy was connected to the creation of a renewal process. New buildings were erected, new concepts of social welfare work were developed and implemented: Thanks to Friedehorst, Bremen has become a competence center in the field of rehabilitation and nursing, which has found considerable recognition. In Friedehorst the reversal of the past and the creation of the new are focussed on the peace of body and soul. Here, people can find peace through professionally competent healing, nursing, humane care and participation in social life. In the face of disease, misfortune, dying and death, the Christian message of a new life gives us consolation, hope and strength.