Our Philosophy

Finding new beginnings - new perspectives – new ways for every patient

... that is our holistic approach since 1985.

The NRZ has a great  mission – the effective rehabilitation of children and adolescents who have suffered damage to their nervous system. Not only do we value having the most up-to-date knowledge of rehabilitation techniques, but we place equal importance on a comfortable, supportive environment that ensures your child’s welfare and encourages his or her progress. We offer optimum conditions to ease our young patients’ way back into education, vocational training or the working environment.

Our patients are welcomed into an age-suitable environment and their families are equally welcome – part of our holistic concept is to include relatives in our treatment plan. Parents may need assistance in getting adjusted to the new situation with their handicapped child. We offer personal coaching and peer-to-peer-meetings.

During their stay in the NRZ we want to make our patients feel comfortable and appreciated. Qualified staff members take care of their emotional and physical needs. Patients from one year up to 35 years, in special cases even older persons, get treatment directed towards their individual needs. We offer continuous care from early rehabilitation to reintegration in school and vocational careers. Step by step our patients relearn skills and activities.

After a thorough assessment we devise an individual treatment plan that will be adjusted according to the progress of each patient. It is our well established practice that all our therapists work together in the interdisciplinary team and regularly discuss any changes. Of course we provide technical procedures like EEG, ECG; VEP, and ultrasound, and of course we follow international standards in medical, psychological or paedagogic sciences and practise established as well as new methods in physiotherapy, occupational and speech therapy.