Wards & Therapy Rooms

Where our patients live

The early rehabilitation ward is well equipped with the necessary medical apparatus. Maximum two patients share a room. There is space to bring personal belongings like photos or toys in order to stimulate the patient. The age range lies between infants and 35- year-old adults.

For the more active children we offer a ward with three different sections with a maximum of 9 children. Three children share a room, where they like to keep their personal belongings. Each section has its own kitchen and a spacious living room, where the children may read, do their homework, play or just relax.

Adolescents live on two wards in newly renovated double rooms with bathrooms en suite. There are comfortable living rooms as well with a variety of books and games and a room with TV and video equipment. Of course our patients can use computers and have internet access.

For parents who want to accompany their child we offer fully equipped apartments on the premises. One of those is a training unit where parents are encouraged to learn how to take care of their long-term disabled child.

Rooms in the ward for early rehabilitation

Rooms in the ward for early rehabilitation

Rooms in the ward for early rehabilitation

Where our patients train

Physiotherapy with its different aspects is most important. Our patients want to walk again, to regain strength and physical independence. A highly motivated staff and the spacious therapy rooms take care of the special needs and possibilities of each patient. Individual physiotherapy, psychomotoric training, sports and games, fitness training and swimming will be part of the treatment.

Room for physiotherapy, gym & swimming pool

Training facilities

Occupational therapy and speech therapy offer a large variety of treatments. Rooms with a variety of the necessary equipment adress the needs of each patient.

Rooms for occupational & speech therapy