Therapies & Staff

Medical staff

Qualified physicians with a wide range of special knowledge take care of the medical needs of our patients. Head physician Dr. Kakos and his team of neurologists, paediatricians and neuropaediatricians are on duty all day round. If necessary, consultants like eye specialists, ENT-doctors, radiologists or psychiatrists cooperate as advisors.

Nursing staff and attendants

Qualified nurses take care of the physical and emotional needs of our patients. Their professional knowledge of intensive care and the special requirements of early rehabilitation enables them to nurse each patient with utmost responsibility 24 hours a day. Children and young adults who need less help but who require emotional devotion and varying assistance in daily life activities are supported by trained ward attendants.


Our physiotherapists
Our physiotherapists offer treatment concepts following Bobath, Vojta, Affolter, PNF, kinesiology and others. Physical training is provided by our gait trainer, tread mill training, and on the Motomed. Our staff offers non-operative treatment of contractures and spasticity with injection of Botulinum toxin and splints. For water therapy we have a swimming pool (30°C). We offer wheelchair training and physical therapy with massages and thermotherapy. To regain strength and endurance patients have access to a fitness room and exercise bikes. Individual sports and group activities depend on the patient’s fitness and interest and include walking, jogging, climbing, inline skating, basketball, football, volleyball and more.






Occupational therapy

Our occupational therapists
Occupational therapists help our patients to improve their ability to perform tasks of daily living and of their working environments. They work with individuals who suffer from physically, developmentally, mentally, or emotionally disabling conditions. They also help them to develop, recover, or maintain daily living and work skills. Occupational therapists help clients not only to improve their basic motor functions and reasoning abilities, but also to compensate for permanent loss of function. Their goal is to help patients to have independent, productive, and satisfying lives.
Occupational therapists assist patients in performing activities of all types, ranging from caring for daily needs such as dressing, cooking, and eating. For different problems like short-term memory loss or coordination problems adequate activities may be chosen to improve visual acuity and the ability to discern patterns. The staff also uses computer programs to help patients to improve decision making, abstract-reasoning, problem-solving and perceptual skills, as well as memory, sequencing, and  coordination – all of which are important for independent living.


Speech therapy

Speech therapists are specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of speech, voice, and language disorders. The disorders of our patients result from stroke, cerebral palsy or traumatic brain injury. Our speech therapists set up a programme of exercises to reduce the disabilities and keep careful records on the progress and evaluation of patients, often developing and implementing individualized treatment programs. In fact, because speech disorders are often related to neurological, psychological, and physical conditions, they work as a member of the team. In addition an important part of their work is the counselling and support of individuals and families on speech disorders and how to cope with the stress associated with these problems. They also work on treatment techniques to use at home and on how to modify behaviour that impedes communication.