Welcome to the NRZ

- one of Germany’s leading Neurological Rehabilitation Centres for children and young adults!

Rehabilitation under optimal conditions

Bird`s eye view of the NRZWe admit patients with traumatic injuries, a stroke, intracerebral bleedings, inflammatory diseases of the peripheral nervous system, epilepsy or congenital malformations. We are specialized on children with cerebral pareses.

We offer continuous caretaking from early rehabilitation to reintegration in school and vocational careers. Step by step premortal skills and activities will be reactivated.

Almost 150 staff members of different professions take care of 150 patients. Part of them look after the physical needs of our patients, others work as therapists. Neurologists, paediatricians, psychologists, physiotherapists, speech therapists and occupational therapists cover the medical necessities, teachers for all school levels are present as well as vocational trainers. Social workers are experts in dealing with administrative tasks.

The NRZ is located in a pleasant suburbial surrounding in the north-western part of Bremen. It takes only a 15 minutes ride by car or by train to the city centre of Bremen.