Our Services

Being at Home in a Good Community: Elderly People

  • long-term nursing care
  • short-term nursing
  • welfare services at home
  • medical supervision
  • outpatient nursing
  • medical care (doctors, therapeutic services)
  • 284 beds/places and 77 apartments
  • head of department: Mr. Michael Schmidt

In the Middle of Life: People with Disabilities

  • household communities
  • welfare services at home and for external communities of children, young people and adults
  • therapeutic unit
  • day care center
  • leisure club
  • 287 places
  • head of department: Mr. Robert Bau

Finding New Ways: Neurological Rehabilitation Center
for Children, Adolescents and Young People

  • comprehensive medical, scholastic, professional and social rehabilitation
  • for head/brain-injured children, adolescents
  • and young adults
  • as inpatients or temporary inpatients
  • 150 beds/places (including 12 temporary inpatients)
  • head of department: Dr. Rene Kakos

Chances for a Professional Future: Vocational Advancement Center

  • retraining for industrial/technical, commercial and social/nursing jobs
  • rehabilitation preparation measures
  • programs for professional reintegration of employees with mental impairments
  • heads of departmen: Mr. Hagen Samel