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Our volunteers’ experience

What do the volunteers do in the families, what do they experience, what does the help look like in practical terms? On these pages you can get an impression of the work of the children's hospice attendants in the families and read about what was the decisive factor for the volunteers to get involved in the Jona's outpatient Children's Hospice Service.

Why? Because doing this, the way I feel, makes sense, because I give a lot, sometimes a lot of myself, but get just as much in return: a smile when I come, a warm hug, a thank you when I'm there, happy expectation, that I will come back soon, feeling sad when I have to leave, honest conversations with those affected and their loved ones about what matters in life, questions about what has not been done, what has been missed, my own limits, failure, unfulfilled and unfulfillable wishes, future and life so far...

Monika Wagener-Rieger