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Ambulanter Kinderhospizdienst Jona

What we offer:

Accompanying life, until the end

Life - that's what it's all about at the Jona outpatient Children's Hospice, founded in 2006 by the Friedehorst Foundation in Bremen.

  • For the life of families with children who suffer from a progressive or life-shortening illness.
  • About the life of children in families in which one parent is seriously ill.

The families are attended by volunteer hospice workers who are specially prepared for this task in Jona's in-house courses. These volunteer companions go into the families, supporting them according to their wishes and concerns: they relieve some of the parents' everyday pressures, are conversation partners for everyone, do something with the children or siblings, listen, are there, and they support.

The full-time employees of the children's hospice service are Monika Mörsch and Jutta Phipps. They are entrusted with the training of the volunteers and the co-ordination.

Monika Mörsch is a nurse and has been working in helping the disabled with seriously ill children for many years. She has furthered her training for hospice work through an additional qualification in palliative care.

Jutta Phipps is a qualified social worker and also has additional qualifications in palliative care. She has professional experience as a trainer in adult education and has previously worked at the Berufsförderungswerk Friedehorst in the vocational rehabilitation of adults with mental illnesses.

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